Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week 4, Day 3: There's good, and then there's good for me

This update is a day late, and is about to be a dollar short. I ran yesterday morning and it was rough. I was lacking energy and felt really sluggish and slow(er than usual.) I did the first half according to schedule, but then I got really tired and instead of pushing through, I just decided to walk when I wanted to walk and run when I wanted to run. I had to make an effort not to beat myself up about it. I don't look at it as if I've failed, I look at it like I was having a tough day, but I listened to my body, and I still did walk/run for 25 minutes which is more than I could have done a few weeks ago. I'm undecided as to how this is going to affect week 5. I might continue on, or I might repeat week 4. I'll see how I feel Monday morning.

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