Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 1, Day 3

Craig and Lucy and I all ran together again today. This time we did the full training schedule with 20 minutes of jogging/walking instead of 15. It wasn't that hard, since that's really only 2 more minutes of running (and 3 of walking), and we'd already been covering the distance so we didn't need go around the block one more time or anything. I don't feel like I'm that far behind, although we may still go for a run on Saturday morning which would be the 4th workout for the week.

One of the biggest challenges today was my feet that are hurting more and more with each run. I still need to go buy new running shoes. Other than foot pain from bad sneakers, I haven't really felt any pain anywhere else. I know my pace doesn't matter but part of me feels like I should be running faster. I also feel like I shouldn't feel that way.

I have a lot of doubts this morning, not that I can't finish the program, but that I'm going to trudge through it and be done with it and nothing will have changed. What happened to the Effie from last night? I want her back.

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  1. Get your new shoes! I waited until week 2 of the program to get mine, because I didn't want to buy them before I was sure I was at least committed enough to finish 2 weeks, and it made a big difference in my feet.

    Thanks for posting my note and stuff. You cannot possibly understand how bizarre it is for me to realize that I am actually providing fitness motivation for other people.