Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 8: You know who's back up in this mother f**ker?

Compton, Long Beach, Englewoooood! Another awesome run inspired by the songs on my ipod. Today's credit goes to the D-O-double-G and the mother f**king D-R-E (Dr. Dre, mother f**ker!)

I think I left off on Week 8, Day 1 like 2 months ago or something like that. I haven't been running or even walking in all of this time, but I have lost about 25 pounds, and apparently I've turned into a wigger. Wow, I haven't used that word since 8th grade. But I digress.... Today I drove to Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield which is a flat 3 mile loop. I finished the whole thing with NO WALKING and with a time of 40:29 (13:30 pace).

I don't know if I will finish the C25K as written, but I feel like if I can run 3 miles non-stop, then mission accomplished. I do have 2 5K's coming up: one on Thanksgiving morning and another on December 5th. If I happen to run anytime between now & then, I'll blog about it, but if not, I feel no shame. I'll post a full race report for the Thanksgiving race, hopefully with photos. Here's the finish line photo from last year. My time was 49:47, a 16:02 pace (and I feel like I ran most of it.)